MIT Club of Germany e. V.

The MIT Club of Germany e.V. (MITCG) represents the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Germany. Membership in the Club is open to all alumni and others who are interested in and support science, research, and teaching. Among our Club members are not only alumni of MIT but also individuals who are non-alumni who share our interests in engaging with the creative and inventive spirit that is at the core of the Institute. Among our members, we include anyone who has been connected directly with MIT as Visiting Scientists, Post Docs, or MIT SEPT alumni, as well as those whose connection is through the MIT Club of Germany’s programs in continuing education, or who have demonstrated support for the Club.

MIT is one of the world’s leading universities in the areas of science, technology, economics, management, and social sciences. The MIT name is synonymous with maintaining the highest levels of teaching and research. Among the faculty and alumni of this exceptional university, more than 80 are Nobel Laureates. Currently in the QS World Universities Rankings, MIT holds first place.

Our Mission:
Economic development in Germany is unquestionably characterized by outstanding achievements in science and technology. Therefore, the MIT Club of Germany e.V. has set as its goal to inspire more young people to become specialists and pursue careers in these areas of vital economic importance.

With the resources available to us, the Club is engaged in creating new, high quality educational forums. For almost a decade, the MIT Club of Germany e.V. has sponsored two teachers to attend the annual Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT) at MIT. It is from the experiences of former SEPT participants that the Club’s Board decided to establish a similar event in Germany.

aThe resulting program, Schule MIT Wissenschaft* (SMW), is unique and open to teachers from all over Germany. In the annual SMW conferences, current research topics are presented by outstanding speakers in lecture and workshop formats that interactively engage teachers. These sessions also stimulate an exchange of experiences and perspectives that teachers from all over Germany bring to SMW conferences.

Because inspiration is the most important basis for learning, research, and innovation, the SMW motto is “Begeisterer begeistern” (inspiring inspirers).

Further information can be found on the MIT Club of Germany e. V. website.

* Schule MIT Wissenschaft (School MIT Science) plays on the German word “mit” (with) with its obvious resemblance to MIT. In the name Schule MIT Wissenschaft, the double meaning is made clear by the use of capital letters.