Schule MIT Wissenschaft*

“Begeisterer begeistern” (inspiring inspirers) is the motto of MIT Club of Germany’s Schule MIT Wissenschaft (SMW). It is a program designed for secondary-school STEM teachers from all over Germany. At the annual SMW conference, teachers attend an intensive training program consisting of workshops and talks given by high profile scientists and professionals from a broad spectrum of areas in science and technology.

Lectures: Outstanding speakers will present the most recent developments in their respective areas of research, and with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. As keynote speakers, we envisage professionals at the highest levels including Nobel Laureates. In addition, a crucial component of each program are presentations by faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Workshops: Through hands-on experiences in workshops, participants will learn how current topics in science can be translated into a school day.

Exchange: One of the great advantages that SMW offers to German educators is bringing together teachers from all the various federal states, each of which has its own self-contained educational system. The SMW experience not only fosters an exchange of intellectual content but also of pedagogical approaches for improving STEM education in all regions of Germany. The ultimate goal of SMW is the establishment of a nationwide network of teachers and scientists.

* Schule MIT Wissenschaft (School MIT Science) plays on the German word “mit” (with) with its obvious resemblance to MIT. In the name Schule MIT Wissenschaft, the double meaning is made clear by the use of capital letters.